Latex Pleasure by Latex Slave

When a slave pays tribute over time and especially with huge amounts of latex then they earn the privilege of meeting me. When they do i like to have them at my feet. Or locked up or whatever I want at that point. All slaves are different. This one.. he only wants to please me by eating me.

Body worship is something that I don’t allow unless in extreme situations when slave has done something above and beyond.

Latex Slaves

I do meet my slaves and fans. However they are few and far between. I only meet slaves who have spent much time and money on me and I do mean a lot of money. I don’t train slaves, i don’t meet to just “fuck” i don’t entertain without tributes. Some of my slaves understands this and have the financial backing they need to finally meet me. And when they do.. omg the play, the filthy play and latex crazyness we get up to.. its INSANE.