New Slave Signup

So you want to be my slave?

I get this request so many times per week. However I just don’t take on slaves on an ad hoc basis.

It’s not something you just decide that you want and it’s not taken lightly.  It amazes me how many guys want to be slaves and when they are interviewed about what they want they have no idea. It also surprises many guys who want to be slaves that the service is not free. This is something that many have a hard time understanding. They think just because they have told me they want to be a slave i will suddenly dominate them and engage in long winded emails/chats to service an idea they just came up with.

Well sorry it doesn’t work that way. I interview potential slaves over KIK and there is an interview fee. Yes there is a fee as this weeds out the slave wannabees who are just looking for a quick cheap kick.

Thanks for your time