Another guest writer

I’m so blessed to have some of my fans who want to write some great stories for me. Here is another fan story for you. Its been split into two parts for you. As a member you will get access to the full story and everything else i post. Why don’t you check it out.

Sierra XXXX

My earliest erotic dream began when I was just a youth.I wanted to be zipped up in a rubber wetsuit and placed in wet cement. I would have a mouth tube to the outside and have to scratch my way out before the cement dryed stuggling for breathe as the heavy thick wet clammy cement stuck to my rubber suit. My love affair thinking about wetsuits and breath play gave me my biggest erections.

When I got my first job in a sports store I looked at any pictures of women in wetsuits that I could find. It was so good looking at the pictures of the tight shiny wetsuits I would get aroused and wet… so wet I had to go to the mens room and stroke my ever growing cock until it stood hard and proud. A few more well placed strokes and I came all over my hand and squirted the wetsuit picture in front of me.

many years ago you could not buy latex but only rubber neoprene wetsuits so I would look in sports stores to buy my rubber suits and all the second hand stores to buy anything remotely kinky to feed my obsession for tight rubbery like clothes. Without access to latex I bought a sexy mannequin as I wanted my own doll to play with… to dress it in lingerie and kinky clothes and especially the wetsuit I had. I would caress its gorgeous curvy features and peel the mannequins clothes off so slowly that the cock was intensely hard and throbbing for ages. Finally I would allow myself the pleasure of stroking my cock up and down its hard shaft and then touching the end of my penis my cum would spurt out all over the mannequin.

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